Be Kind and Please Rewind!

That's our motto here at Rick's Flix to give the best customer service we can! Just rewinding a single tape can help us help YOU faster! You can get back to that night of-

*Movie Returned*
Excuse me, sir? this tape isn't....
*Movie Returned*
Wait, MAM!

...oh boy.

--Fullscreen may help any lag--

--Download version is HIGHLY recommended--

--Mac Version Untested--

--Unlocked days are saved in all versions--

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Nathan Garduno Art:


Ricks (Post Jam Version) 41 MB
Ricks (Jam Version) 38 MB
Download (Jam Version) 42 MB
RicksFlicksMac(Post Jam Version) 42 MB

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good work harder

I was surprised by how simple yet super entertaining the game was, got very stressed with those angry customers :) Very relaxing music too, kudos!

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This is a very simple but very well implemented idea, I like that it's kind of hard, but really makes you think you can do better in the next round, e.g.: I had such a perfect idea to store enough movies from all categories, and it failed so easily because customers rushed the counter. :)
Graphics and sounds are well made and trendy - I tried to do this minimalistic graphic style and it does take a lot of thinking to choose the colors and textures, and although there were not that many sounds and music, the ones that the games have really work well with the overall style.
Once again, a very well made project, but not an "idle game", it really needs some strategy.
Also, thanks for the browser version, way more comfortable. :D


See my game here:

Love the idea! I almost went that exact path with my game, PixelBuster. You should check it out :) 
our games both parody BlockBuster lol

Lol my game, Be Kind, is also like your games

Pretty funny game!!

Glad we gave you a good laugh!